Tuesday, February 26, 2008

dear blog... timing sucks... sucks... sucks...

after sending my blog to search engines, i wanted to check if it worked by typing the url in google. then, wham!! i just learned that my blog was posted in technorati.com without me knowing. that was 28 days ago. i started adsense a week ago.. dammit.. timing sucks..


and oh yeah. i have a latest addiction... call of duty 4!!!! wooohoooo!!! i play it in voyager near usc tc. its still not as popular as other games though but at least our numbers are growing. but sadly, i cant install it in my pc since my machine is quite ancient and way beyond its maximum depreciation point... well, not exactly.. just 2 months ago theres been a response delay with the mouse and keyboard when i play games... i think the vid card burned or something. byebye Company of heroes, battlefield 2, faces of war, world in conflict... huhuhuhu... but at least theres still the legendary call of duty 2.. INFINITY WARD RULES!!!

anyway, if you want realistic fun, buy COD4. that is if your system is compatible with the requirements. its quite heavy mind you... but it still rocks! as of late january, theyve sold more than 7000000 copies since releasing it last november. cool huh? anyway, before summer i hope to be able to persuade my mom to buy a new pc and by then id get cod4. its the game of the year.

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