Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Its been months since i've first seen the hordes of phone clones that came from china. Anyway, where else could they come from? If my memory serves me right, it was a CECT iphone clone. It was clearly a fake, but yet again, it still had some cool features. dual sim, uhmmm dual sim, uhhmmm... ok. so thats about it. but at that point in time, who would care? especially if youre from the philippines or any other country not in the USA? it would still take months before apple would start shipping phones to asia. then realizing that, something hit me. honestly, i wanted one. I pictured myself bringing along my nokia with me(a real one by the way) like i always do and flashing around what could have been my new fake iphone which i hoped would trick everyone to thinking it was real. mmmmmm.

Ever since high school ive always been interested with technology and gadgets. but it was a dissapointment after hearing the reviews. who would want to waste $250 for a buggy phone that doesnt even have customer support in case of problems. bugger. anyway, the why pattern it from the iphone? its just a hype. it doesnt have a pictureworthy camera, only supports EDGE connection, no 3rd party applications, all-in-all; IPHONE SUCKS... for now...

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